• We help the Haitian Diaspora to better support their family and friends in Haiti by providing simple but well-needed small package delivery solutions to Haiti, as well as a grocery delivery service to Haiti.
  • We help Haitians in Haiti to better connect with the world of business by helping them with purchasing and delivering needed items to them in Haiti.
  • All by leveraging existing resources in Haiti to reach those in the most remote areas.

Grocery delivery

Supporting the Haitian economy is the core of our business model. With our food delivery service, we partner with farmers in Haiti to bring Haitian-growns products to your friends families’ table in Haiti. Ordering one our packages is supporting the Haitian economy.

If you need something to be delivered in Haiti whether you are in the Diaspora or live in Haiti, with us, this can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Click the link below to request a quote.

Social Responsibility – 3 to 1 Program

As part of our social responsibility, we partner with well-vetted institutions on the ground that are reforesting different areas of Haiti. Reforestation is very important to us because it helps protect the soil from both wind and water erosion, and increases its fertility. More fertile soils increase food production. Our 3 to 1 Program is design as follow: For every 3 food packages sold in a day, we donate a percentage of the revenue to our partners to plant and care for one tree. Using our grocery delivery service is not only helping you to put real organic food to your love ones in Haiti, but it also contributes in laying the foundation for a greener and prosperous Haiti.


Goodoo Courier, LLC

Haitian-owned and operated. Registered in the State of Texas, USA.


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