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Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes or Carrot (upon availability)

Cornmeal or Sorghum (upon availability)



This package will feed a family of 6 for about 2 weeks. Items in this package can be used as brunch and dinner. This package contains 20 lbs of rice (10 lbs Schela, 5 lbs Schelda, 5 lbs TCS), 15 lbs of beans (5 lbs black & 10 lbs yellow), 5 lbs of cornmeal or sorghum, green plantains, yucca roots, yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes or carrot.

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  1. Guerline E. (verified owner)

    Love the initiative of delivering our own Haitian produce to our families. This is a great initiative of supporting our Haitian farmers and Haiti’s agriculture. The delivery was made on the day it was suppose to and everything was delivered. Congratulations…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

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